A Review Of The Aegis Boost Pod Mod And How It Works

The Vandy Vaportech AEGIS B Series Mod is a revolutionary vaporizer that changes how a user feels about vaporizing their e-juices. The company is also known for their award-winning and flavor-loaded gum. The Vandy AEGis Boost is a unique product in that it does not use a cartridge or a tab. It utilizes a uniquely designed electronic thermometer that can “tell” a user when a liquid has been successfully vaporized. Users can pre-load their vaporizer with their preferred liquid and then turn it on to begin enjoying their own personal vaporizer experience.

aegis boost pod mod

One of the best features of this product is that it can be used with nearly any kind of e-liquid product. This includes but is not limited to: pens, pencils, pipes, cigar cutters, etc. The way it works is that the temperature-control feature of the AEGis Boost allows it to maintain a constant temp regardless of what you are trying to use it for. That is a huge benefit to someone who likes a more straight forward vaporizer. This is not the case with many other vaporizers on the market.

If you are looking for a great deal on a mod then the aegis boost may not be a bad choice. Vandy Vapor is known for having some of the lowest prices around. They offer a variety of starter kits including starter kits that include a mod, a triple battery, and a glass bead kit. Their higher end kits include a triple battery, a box mod, a glass bead mod, and a Konic mod. These three products all come in unique styles and all are top-notch performers. If you are looking for a way to save a lot of money on a high-performance mod then these Vandy vapor products might be a great choice for you.

The aegis boost pod mod comes complete with a built in airflow control dial. This dial allows the user to adjust the amount of vapor produced from their mod. There is a large adjustable airflow dial located at the bottom rear of the tank. You can use the airflow dial to adjust the temperature of the air circulating inside the tank.

One of the most unique features of the aegis boost pod mod is the ability to replace the standard batteries in the AEGis with those of a Triton battery. This allows the user to change their AEGis batteries to high capacity Triton batteries that will allow the user to fire more aegis batteries without worrying about draining their battery quickly. The aegis-pod mod has a charging station built into the unit. This charging station also charges your aegis batteries while you use your mod running.

The aegis boost pod mod has a very solid build quality. The majority of the unit is made out of a flexible silicone material that allows the user to install and remove the battery very easily. The silicone makes it very resistant to abrasion and distortion. There is no creaking or grinding sounds when the unit is in use and the build quality of the aegis boost pod mod is extremely good.

The aegis boost pod mod comes with a USB charge meter. This feature allows the user to view how much charge the aegis batteries are holding at any given time. It also allows the user to charge their batteries to maximum capacity with a full charge in between. The meter also has a display which shows the current charge level as well as a real-time percentage. There is a warning LED light which allows the user to be alerted if the current charge on the aegis battery is getting too low. This LED light can be seen from just about anywhere on the unit and is easy to see even in bright light conditions.

There are a few things that the aegis boost pod mod will not do very well. For example, it will not increase the total number of watt hours. Also, it will not improve the overall performance of the aegis battery. This means that if you want to increase your battery life then you will need to use the timer function of the mod which will in turn use a microchip inside of the aegis battery.