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Wotofo NeXplorer Wort Cooler

wotofo was established back in 2021 as an innovative concept that combines innovation with simplicity. The company believes that a perfect blend of engineering and perfectionism can produce an outstanding product. Wotofo has set a standard of creating high quality products that are aimed to provide a perfect flavor of herbal extracts like Green Tea, Aloe […]

Wotofo MDura Mini 80W Vw Mod

The Wotofo e-liquid has come up with a new product, which is known as Wotofo Squeeze Juice Co. The company is mainly based in Germany but at present, it has many distributors across Europe. The company has been making its own unique set of juices that are of high quality. The product has a lot of flavors […]

Wotofo Pulse Modifiers Review

Wotofo is an electronic liquid dispensing system that is one of the newest products on the market for consumers to choose from. The system allows consumers to dispense a small amount of e-liquid at a time and allows the user to see how much they need to use in their homes or at their work. The […]

Advantages of VOOPOO Products

voopoo Pod System was designed to replace VOOPOO Pods. VOOPOO Pods was discontinued several months back and the quality of the product was questioned by users. But now it is available in the market and is highly popular amongst the users. Here is a quick insight into voopoo pod Systems. Types: VOOPOO Pods is available in three major […]

Are Electronic Cigarettes Any More Harmful Than Smoking Cigarettes?

The latest technological advancement in electronic cigarettes are the vaporizers, which produce a vapour containing the nicotine or other flavourings. These vapors are very similar to those you would inhale from an e-liquid. Most papers use pre-filled disposable cartridges purchased online or in most health food stores to get their nicotine fix. The problem with […]