E-Temperature Control Problem of Smoke Here!

Temperature control is what? It is a special output mode of e-cigarettes.Has a strong allure.Vaper for temperature control is also mixed. Some people think that temperature control is “chicken ribs”, almost no. Also some people very like the taste of temperature control.

For the couple, to buy on a host with temperature control function. Don’t experience the heart always feel itchy. Like to buy a new phoneIf the function is not all in once again, experience is not complete.

Although before about temperature control has a lot of popular science, technique, content, but there are still a lot of friends ask about temperature control should be how to use every day.Today let’s start from practice, talk to you to temperature control, friends to follow suit, also can experience!!!

Preparation content

Experience temperature control, need to prepare temperature control cloud temperature control function of the host and support. If you are using a temperature control with cloud core product atomizer, then it is simple, can skip this step. If you are using the RBA atomizer (reconstruction), you will need to prepare the corresponding temperature control heat wire. Common 200 nickel”Titanium, 316 of these three, should you choose?

If with the taste of regulating reference: nickel wire temperature control of the weak, titanium wire and 316 taste similar to a pressure regulating, more rich administrative levels feeling and detail, only 316 there will be a kind of light similar to the taste of “metal”.

Temperature control heat wire material identified, then the “lines” how should choose? Material is qualitative different, wire diameter is different also, you can choose according to the type of the atomizer, such as the mouth suck type single atomizer, suitable for the wire diameter between 0.2 to 0.32; If it is a single big smoke it, can use a 0.32-0.4 wire diameter double drip or storageSmoke, suggest using 0.2-0.25 wire diameter, because of the pure nickel material heat wire resistance value is very low, but also to reduce half twin-engined, the host can’t support in order to avoid the resistance is too low, so the choice of fine wire diameter some to improve resistance.

Using titanium and 316 material, can according to the daily regulating heat wire line size to choose, such as daily use 0.4 kang thayer A1, then temperature control can choose 0.4 titanium or 316 heat wire material.

The RBA production temperature control loop

Temperature control coil and coil voltage regulator, two kinds of nickel and titanium material in order to avoid local short circuit, cannot use “of” a tightly wound, can only use “pine around 316 is more special, can tightly wound also can loose around, both to surge also can be used in temperature control.Number of turns can be decided according to the use of the atomizer structure, as far as possible some more, increase the heating area. You can first when winding for a tightly wound and then stretched on wire rod, adjust the uniform.The rest of the steps as regulating coil, installation, wear cotton. Note, however, don’t dry, nickel, titanium material of coil directly through cotton, adjust spacing.

The mod settings

1. Select the right material

Connect the atomizer and the host, and then according to the temperature control material you use to select the corresponding temperature control material model. It is easy to understand, if you are using a nickel, then enter the host and switch output mode for temperature control “TC”, then find “NI” in the material and can be set to the current material. By the same token, the titanium and 316 respectively to set up the corresponding “T” and “316” (Ss), only the host of the temperature control of materials and the coil material, can obtain the correct temperature control experience.

In the set, don’t press the ignition key to the atomizer heating power supply, because the temperature control loop, once the warming, resistance is changed, some main opportunity set wrong resistance to initial resistance, this will affect the accuracy of temperature control, even if some host can manual measuring resistance. But want to set again after coil temperature down to room temperature condition, will have to wait for more than ten minutes of your time. So suggest you can to set of host, first set up material, temperature, output and then connect the atomizer, it is relatively more accurate detected resistance.

2.Set the temperature

Next is about to set the output temperature, the temperature setting of the commonly used between 200 ℃ to 300 ℃, you can try in this scope, find themselves feel most comfortable temperature. The most commonly used is 220 ℃ and 240 ℃, the temperature value common to most of the temperature control cloud, sometimes some individual great smoky at such a time it need 260 or 280 ℃.

Questions about the temperature “unit”, a lot of new friends also in the struggle, whether degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit? A lot of people are heard in theory “FahrenheitMore detailed some degree “than” c “, because of the freezing point of water to the boiling point, c labeled “0” and “100”, is divided into 100 units in the middle. And Fahrenheit is 32-2, 12, divided into 180 parts in the middle. Fahrenheit not only higher precision, and more relevant human perception of temperature sensitivity. Degrees Celsius in the global use of large, in fact, only three countries in the use of Fahrenheit weather: the United States, Burma and Liberia, but ask me which one should we use, will only have more reason to tell you that more scientific degree Fahrenheit.

But more than just reflect in some scientific and precise technology, the use of electronic smoke is also a part of life, so this problem is a good solution, you daily, which used to what use, it is not necessary to use e-cigarettes conversion formula to remember is that convert the degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit degrees, originally is a fun, there’s no need to artificially make trouble for yourself, isn’t it? Using e-cigarette is not research, e-smoke temperature control is based on the chip according to the heat resistance of the coil temperature conversion.

First of all, the chip for resistance are difficult to precise detection (precise resistance meter you can query the relevant information, the price does not poor and volume is larger, even portable type is also difficult to into the fuselage of the e-cigarette, plus conversion chip resistance to temperature, error and error, coupled with the influence of temperature on the material resistance and atomizer, host resistance and other factors, want to get real in e-cigarettes “precise” temperature is still very difficult.

So on the application, e-cigarettes “temperature” and less “mystery”, for ordinary users, there is no need to struggle so much problem.

3.The output power settings

Some friends will ask, not speak “temperature”? How to say the says the added to the “power”? E-cigarettes “temperature” is also a kind of “power output” mode, type, in a nutshell, is the chip by detecting coil resistance changes and conversion of the temperature of the coil. So the e-cigarette “temperature” basically is a kind of “Variable frequency power output”.

The current temperature control e-cigarettes hosts usually have two kinds of power output Settings, a user set temperature, chip using automatic power output, without user Settings, the user can set. Another is the user can set the output temperature, and can set the output of the highest power. The same temperature control atomizer, for example, is set to 220 ℃, with the highest 200 w power output to the coil heating and to the highest power of 20 w output is a big difference of experience.

4. How to set?

Still have to be set according to the purpose of the atomizer, you can refer to under pressure regulating power.

If is mouth taste type atomizer absorption, the power can be set lower, about 20 w regulating use at ordinary times, made a set temperature control atomization core output temperature, to 220 ℃, so the output power can be set to 20 w.

If the temperature drops of oil or finished product big smoke it, such as the avengers atomizer, will increase power, rapid heating up, make coil to avoid taking a half coilSet temperature, affect the taste and smoke volume. Such as usual with 60 w, then under the control of the power output can be set to 50 w.

And some temperature control host with “dry heating protection function, avoid burning atomization core. If your host frequent prompt dry, check the atomizing chamber and remaining oil and the committeeFull moisture, core, then consider the power output under the lower temperature.

After the above operations, atomizer work perfectly normal!This phenomenon has the very high “deceptive” for users, because when you connect the atomizer, have already shown on the screen is the correct resistance value, is generally used for the user, unexpectedly also need to operate, and the chip “confirmed” this is the correct resistance value.

This also prompts you, though the e-cigarette is simpler, but still want to try to read the manual before use, to avoid missing some special functions and operations, affect the use. When your host with temperature measuring resistance capability, please remember to follow operation Settings. Or you show of temperature control device set after good work is not normal, almost no smoke, fog, no fever, also should first check to see if ignored the feature set.

Above is to experience temperature control operation and matters needing attention, the novice friends according to the step by step operation can experience the different temperature control the output.

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