How Does the Decrypted Electronic Atomizer Solve the Battery Life?

I have to admit that there are more and more electronic products in life nowadays, and people’s dependence on them is also increasing. Smart phones, wireless earphones, smart tablets, smart bracelets, e-readers, electronic atomizers…While enjoying smart convenience, the anxiety of battery will also follow.
Suddenly find that the battery level of the mobile phone is less than 30% and cannot be charged in time. Is it momentary anxiety? How to do? How to do? For mobile phone users, they are very afraid of such scenarios. Extending to electronic atomizer users, the restlessness urgently needs to come to the atomizer to calm down, but the atomizer rod is out of power, and I just want to…
“It’s a desperate thing to be out of power when the atomizer rod is out of power.” “As long as you drive, you used to charge your mobile phone, but now you charge the atomizer rod.” atomizing stem is dead I want crazy “?????? such sound after another, an urgent need for life visible vapor spray bar.
Some people say that the most direct way is to increase the battery capacity, speed up the charging speed, and at the same time slow down the power consumption and improve the efficiency of the battery.

Increase battery capacity

The most direct reason for insufficient power is to increase the battery capacity. However, expanding the capacity is not a simple matter of scratching your head.
There used to be a law in the “life history” of smartphones: “Large battery = high thickness, thin and light machine = low battery life”. Subject to the limitations of battery materials and technology, under the same energy density, increasing the battery capacity often means that the volume and weight of the battery will also increase. Therefore, at the beginning of product design, a difficult problem is how to assemble a larger capacity battery into the product without affecting the appearance of the product as much as possible. Here is a small question for everyone, why do most of the bomb-changing electronic atomizer products on the market use 350mAh battery capacity?
Starting from the user experience, at the beginning of the product design, the size, weight, grip, and battery capacity requirements of the atomizer rod are comprehensively considered, and finally a relative balance is reached between the appearance design of the atomizer rod product and the product parameter battery capacity design. Therefore, the 350mAh battery capacity has gradually become the industry’s, but in fact it is also a limitation of product design. If you want to break through the limitations, you have to face the risks and costs of change. Increasing the battery capacity of the atomization rod means the need to re-customize, and it also means trial and error of uncertain time and investment. The risks brought by the quality of customized products and the customized cycle are also one of the main reasons why everyone gives up upgrading.

Reduce power consumption

It is easy to reduce power consumption without affecting performance. Lower the voltage on the atomization rod and lower the output power will inevitably affect the atomization performance, which in turn affects the atomization experience, and the gains are not worth the loss. The core advantage of JVE’s non-self low-voltage output technology is that while reducing the voltage output to make the power more durable, it maintains the stable and high-burst performance of the atomizer and still brings a rich and powerful atomization experience. In addition, the low-power output after lowering the voltage is more stable, ensuring that the taste of each mouthful of the same atomizer is consistent regardless of whether the atomizer is in a fully charged state or a low-charge state. Before increasing the battery capacity, the full charge of the non-self colorful atomizer can be guaranteed to complete the entire atomizer. Now the JVE non-self colorful series battery capacity has been increased to 450mAh, and the atomizer can be fully charged. Draw more than one atomizer.

Improve efficiency

The battery capacity has increased, how about the charging speed? Any increase in battery capacity without fast charging is a rogue. Now the pace of life is so fast, one minute can’t wait to be used as an hour, but the atomization rod charging takes nearly an hour. Wait ~ a long wait ~ refuse to wait, love to be online at any time. Stand by~Play the fog non-stop!
The new products of the non-self brilliance series have a new fast charging function, which indirectly improves the battery life of the atomizer by increasing the charging speed of the atomizer. The addition of the fast charging function puts forward higher requirements on the safety and reliability of the battery. For this reason, the JVE non-self R&D team innovated and integrated design solutions, adopted a new upgraded battery cell design, customized a dedicated charging module, integrated high voltage, high current, and high temperature protection for charging. Whenever you charge, you can be “cool down” and not get hot, and the speed will always be the same.