Ijoy Vaporizer – A Great Portable Vaping Device

The iJoy is one of the newest vaporizers from the IJoy group of products. It is very similar to the Geekvape Aegis Boost and Podmodder Vaporizer line. I decided to check out the iJoy for a review. Since it is an electronic vaporizer, it is only natural to put out an electronic review of it.

ijoy vape

I decided to compare the Geekvape Aegis Boost and ijoy vape because of similar areas in vaporization ijoy VWTC does better than the Aegis Boost. In fact the Geekvape Aegis Boost is capable of producing more watts and produces a better tasting vapor. This vapor has a hint of fruit flavor to it that some people love. The vapor produced by both of these units is very well balanced and smooth.

When it comes to size the Aegis Vaporizer beats the ijoy VWTC in every way. It is nearly twice the size of the ijoy. The Aegis comes with a stainless steel box mod which makes it easier to assemble. It also makes it a lot easier to take out and put away.

The Aegis does have a temperature control, which can be a bonus for some users. It has a safety button that when clicked turns off the unit so there is no possibility of a fire accident if the batteries are not completely changed. I personally do not use temperature control much because the fire button on the vaporizer is easy to turn off accidentally. Most vaporizers allow you to change the temperature with a tap of the fire button.

One feature that the Aegis does better than the ijoy VWTC is the ability to use it with the included Pellucidale pod mod. This pod mod allows you to turn your AEG into a vaporizer. You simply add the pod, press the fire button, and inhale fresh herbs and oils that you would find in your local grocery store. This makes vapes a lot safer than having an open box of cigarettes and all the ash.

The Aegis Vaporizer also has a built in temperature control that allows the user to choose between low, medium, and high power settings. While it may not sound all that exciting, the ijoy Vape has a higher wattage than most other vaporizers making it more powerful. In my opinion, I would opt for a lower wattage box mod if you are not going to be heating a lot of herbs or oil. If you are going to be using the ijoy Vape in its high power mode, however, it is well worth the extra price.

When deciding on the mod you want to use with your ijoy vaporizer, you will also need to decide on whether you would like to use the standard electrical mod or the ijoy Shade which comes with a quartz oven. Both of these units can be purchased separately. The ijoy Shade can also be used as a desktop vaporizer but it does not have the same power or wattage as the Vape Shhammer. The standard oven mod comes with a quartz bake plate and a stainless steel body. The ijoy Shaper utilizes a standard oven but it also has a variable wattage option which allows you to use the mod at a higher wattage if you so desire.

One feature that is unique to the ijoy Vape is the iJoy Toast. This is basically a USB charging station that allows you to charge your mods without fear of overheat or leaving them plugged in the whole night. It also includes a NiMh battery for high output power. The Toast includes a software program that helps to make atomizing easier, especially for inexperienced users. You can also choose between three different mugs if you want to try the Toast.