Recommendation: Heat the best 5 electronic cigarettes atomizer

Heat the best 5 electronic cigarettes atomizer: as the saying goes, a good horse matchs good saddle, good ship with sails, electronic cigarettes taste is good except for the host, cloud it may play a role in the larger, then we’ll look at these a few electronic cigarettes atomizer.

1.SY joint 72 limited edition commemorative hell atomizer

Produced by the atomizer in hell, the first anniversary of domestic well-known master original brand SY GROUP GROUP and VAPE higher-ups 72 launched a joint memorial hell atomization,. This batch of atomizer popularity, how do you say? In the circle of friends words is: 1500 basic sold out, there are only 300 gold-plated version, haven’t started is over Hot.
Product: SY GROUP & 72
Size: 35 * 24 mm
Version: the normal version, gilded version

Vaporesso SKRR-S Subohm Tank

2.Level jewelry craft Weapon RDA armed drops of cloud computing

WEAPON RDA by VAPE PRO company combined with a large number of practical experience and rigorous experimental data of independent research and development, is a level brand for high-end players in the craftsmen.
VAPE PRO company claims, WEAPON research and development for 10 months, and then the 100 intake module model, model 100 gas module, 1000 internal space computing module model, aerodynamic experiment 200 hours, 3 times structure toppling reset, four design improvement, scrap 2400 prototype WEAPON, got the ultimate WEAPON.
Product: VAPR PRO
Material: brass
Color: black ice, flashing silver, 24 k gold

WOTOFO Recurve Dual RDA

3.A high standard of appearance and lovely ADVKEN MANTA rays RTA

At this level for the king s appearance, how important is appearance is needless to say. Devil rays atomizer is against the eruption of the appearance of horizontal fire explosion and a set of beautiful photo images through the electronic cigarette players.
No exaggeration to say that the devil rays that see pictures like buy back on the front of the product, what’s more, have it after will find it very interesting to play with a high degree.
Devil rays base table overall gold-plated, electrode column USES a vertical deformation structure of double column four hole electrodes column, 1-4 hole by outside, 2-3 is central to the indentation, the space is very big, can meet the players fantastical wear silk thoughts.
Intake structure is at the bottom of the inlet, there are four round hole airway among Taiwan, make the flow more smoothly, in the experience of mixed type smoke oil, can make the taste more layersFeeling.
Product: ADVKEN
Type: RTA
Size: 46 * 24 mm
Material: vacuum plating plus or minus column
Mouth: PEI in 810
Capacity: common glass tube 3.5 ml, coarse cup glass tube 5 ml

Vapefly Brunhilde Top Coiler RTA

4.CoolVapor LAVA LAVA finished atomizer

Relative to the DIY atomizer, finished atomizer is more difficult to do, because most users facing it is the novice players, and novice players actually are the most critical. CoolV apor “is a high-end players do brand, create the aim of the team is to design a good product, from the Angle of players and their biggest style of doing things is pragmatic. General product atomizer will only match two core, a high resistance, a low resistance.
LAVA LAVA finished atomizer unprecedented equipped with: six core. To realize product core is consumables, generally 20 yuan a, as long as the user approved the atomizer will have to buy the atomization core, finished product atomizer is important source of income. Seriously, seen claim to think in terms of player design packaging products brand, but have never seen such a good brand to players.
Product: CoolVapor
Type: the finished product
Size: 48 * 22 mm
Material: stainless steel
Cloud core value: 0.5 euro

Wotofo Profile RDA

5.Reshipment return PANDA KING finished atomizer

PANDA series of atomizer’ve ever been on a PANDA V12 and PANDA BABY two versions, the user experience is good, but the market reaction is not large, you’re welcome to say that the main reason is to eat lotus root.
But the newly released this PANDA KING has changed dramatically, just feel ugly duckling become white swan, so just focus on the market.
PANDA KING appearance design style is hale and hearty, mainly divided into red, orange black gold and silver. Black part on plating, sand blasting process was thereThe texture.
Factory assembly is the core value of 1.02 and 0.29 of the finished product, and suggests that the core of 0.29 using the power of 30-70 w, 1.032 core using the power of 40 w, specific circumstances players but also in the process of using flexible control.
Size: 52 * 24 mm
Color: black red, black gold, silver orange
Show the core: 1.02, 0.25

Geekvape ZEUS X RTA

More heat is the best 5 electronic cigarettes atomizer. Again, as big market, there must be a lot of small make up don’t know good products, so please leave a message to share your heart of popular products, and please explain the reasons.

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