VOOPOO Portable Power Packs

VOOPOO makes a great product for anyone looking to get organized and save time at home. VOOPOO has taken the idea of combining an iPod with a phone and delivered it into a portable phone that is perfect for those who are always on the go and do not want to carry a bunch of gadgets. If you are looking to buy a VOOPOO phone or VOOPOO headset you will find some choices available. This VOOPOO review will talk about two popular VOOPOO phones that can fit in your budget. These VOOPOO Pods includes the VOOPOO Pod and the VOOPOO Clamshell.

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The VOOPOO PnP Pod Tank includes all the essentials that any VOOPOO user needs. It has a built in clock, easy to read analog clock displays, large easy to grip buttons and a handy headphone jack. This Pod along with the VOOPOO Clamshell can be used with any VOOPOO subscription to talk to land lines and cell phones. If you have never used a VOOPOO phone before than the VOOPOO Clamshell and the VOOPOO Pod may be right for you. Both come in exciting colors and are available in a few different sizes.

The VOOPOO Pods comes with two different size and style options. The smallest model is the VOOPOO Clamshell which is only 4.6 inches long. It consists of a clear acrylic cover that has a couple of flexible rubberized bands on each side. The sides of the Pods can be pressed firmly down into a nylon mesh pouch to hold the device in place. The Pods comes equipped with a handy rechargeable battery as well so that you do not have to worry about running out of battery power.

For the largest portion of users, the VOOPOO Cappuccino is the perfect choice. This device comes in at a full eight inches in length and has a clear cover with three compartments for carrying on your person. The top two compartments can be used to hold your MP3 player or to carry a tube of e-juice. The vaporizer sits on the inside of the unit and has a flexible cord that makes it easy to put your hands behind your head.

The VOOPOO Carbon Fiber Case is also an important accessory for many VOOPOO users. The high-quality case is made from carbon fiber, a strong material that is virtually indestructible. The cover of the case is textured to create a slippery surface that will keep fingers from slipping out of their grip. The case is also shock absorbent, which is useful when you are dealing with constant vibrations while vaporizing e-juice. If you enjoy long sessions of skiing, this is the perfect choice because it will keep your hands comfortable and secure.


A convenient accessory that is often overlooked by VOOPOO users is the VOOPOO tank. The tank is the unit itself, which makes it extremely easy to transport. It attaches to the bottom of the user’s hand with a clip, making it incredibly convenient to bring along on walks, vacations, or even camping trips. The tank is available in two different sizes, which is great if you want to be able to take advantage of the various temperature levels available. Even better, many people say that the adjustable airflow makes it easy to breathe deeply while charging the pod.

A key benefit of the VOOPOO PNP Kit is that it provides an extremely safe method of convection heating. Many people who use the VOOPOO PNP coil kits wonder whether or not they would be safe to use in the microwave. The answer to that question is that VOOPOO guarantees a safe heat up time, so if you plan to use the kit in the microwave it will not affect the quality or safety of the appliance. In addition to this, all of the VOOPOO PNP Coils are microwave safe, meaning that you will have no problems with damaging the pod as you attempt to heat it up. The only suggestion we can make is to read the instructions carefully and heat it up slowly when you are testing it for the first time.

While VOOPOO does an excellent job of heating up the coiled pod, many people will find that the actual VOOPOO battery life is not what they had hoped for. This is most likely due to poor charging methods. Most users recommend charging the coiled coil for at least eight hours before using the product. To extend the battery life even more, it is recommended that you allow the kit to charge completely on a flat surface. The optimal temperatures that the VOOPOO PNP coils will work at vary based on the wattage of the unit, so be sure to read the manufacturer information for your particular model.