What about Smok Nord Kit and product evaluation

As the world’s leading brand in electronic cigarettes Smok has been committed to develop more and better products for customers, increase customer preference for electronic cigarettes, prompt the customer experience. Today to introduce is a product of the house of Smork, called SMOK Nord kit, this product is a little smoke, little YanZi since always is one of the objects you rush! Now, there have been many small cigarette products on the market, do not know the SMOK Nord Kit little smoke what? Look at the product evaluation results below!

1, Packing

Packaging the most outer layer of plastic film, to make sure it is brand new and complete. The box body design is relatively simple, the surface has design and performance characteristics of the product.

Smok Nord Kit Pod System 1100mAh 3ml

Smoked pull type packing after unpacking visible inside the various objects placed orderly planning division. Carry the be clear at a glance and avoid boxes are collision. Desiccant configuration can be seen that the brand is also in a relatively hard doing the accident protection protection Settings.

2, Product appearance

30 * 94 * 18.8 mm, body weight 80 g, square and round shape. The surface texture can be made of a variety of color design is optional. The exterior has is withBefore, I use the SMOK MICO KIT has a similar design, unique, colorful, composition of irregular texture, just as abstract painting, also like splash-ink.

3, Product configuration

In addition to its configuration for two atomization core, unlike conventional electronic cigarettes, this is can be replaced the atomization core. So don’t like the other small smoke need whole replacement cartridges. At the same time, the clouds are 1.4 Ω and 0.6 Ω!

From different atomizing core data can learn that a is prefer to taste a preference for smoke!

Smok Nord Kit Pod System 1100mAh 3ml

Atomization core and smoke bomb is plug in design of composite structures. For the efficient use of the seal ring has good sealing.

4, Smoke bombs

The side of the smoke bomb on the design of the oil hole, filling holes in the silicone cover, oil injection hole is opposite bigger, so can be directly used in filling oil filling. Thin guide mouth, of course, it is more convenient. 3 l capacity also ensure that we can use the high frequency long demand.

Smok Nord Kit Pod System 1100mAh 3ml

Then, we see the smoke bomb parts, the first is the design of the suction nozzle position flat and there are big, it can reduce the occurrence of condensation from the point of using a promotionFeeling.

Circuit, which sets up three gold plated contacts. Smoke bombs can be inserted directly in cooperation with the. So efficient and convenient.

And after smoke flare to cooperate on the overall look and feel of show the aesthetic feeling of oneness.

At this point to grip, feel smooth and relatively light. Central location button slightly raised makes the operation more convenient and it seems to me that the night blind operation can also be done directly by finger touch. And direct insertion of smoke bomb and the fuselage with extremely stable.

5, Continuation of the journey

1100 mah’s built-in battery capacity is more prominent in the small smoke, making it has a longer life span of single charge.At the end of the USB straight filling interface also brought supplies convenience.

In use, the atomization core 0.6 Ω brings the effect of small body big smoke, and the overall can experience the high efficient and rapid effect. While the atomization core 1.4 Ω has a comfortable taste. From this side, a machine two experience also can satisfy different users or is the same used at different times of the demand.

From the small smoke of the whole, this made the appearance of the little smoke or very good, very cool taste, this little smoke cigarette holder of a specially designed to reduce oil smoke condensation problem this will be a degree of taste and improve it! And the small smoke built-in 1100 m of battery, this is good in life belongs to the small smoke limits, little smoke life concerns of friends, can consider a little smoke!

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