Wotofo NeXplorer Wort Cooler

wotofo was established back in 2021 as an innovative concept that combines innovation with simplicity. The company believes that a perfect blend of engineering and perfectionism can produce an outstanding product. Wotofo has set a standard of creating high quality products that are aimed to provide a perfect flavor of herbal extracts like Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Licorice etc. Most of the Wotofo products can be used for multiple purposes like weight loss, prepping the body for a better workout, cleansing the system and many other health benefits. Wotofo also claims that their products do not contain any synthetic chemicals.

Wotofo Profile RDA, a collaboration of Wotofo with Mrjustright1, is an indoor/outdoor dual mesh RDA having 810 mesh Resin drip tips. It’s capable of triple-net prepping, vented juice well which is highly suitable for both squonkable and direct dripping method. Attached to the unit is a squonky dial for easy adjustments in the intensity of the fan and adjustable airflow control ring. It’s made from the hardest stainless steel material having an integrated art on its solid body.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

The Wotofo Profile RDA has a lightweight design and is very easy to assemble. The outer shell is made of fiberglass and has dual stainless steel pivot rods. It’s also available in different variant brands like Wotofo Natrum, Wotofo Corum, Wotofo Nite and other variants. Wotofo Profile RDA is equipped with dual voltage alert sump pump to ensure smooth draining of the reservoir.

Apart from this, Wotofo provides additional accessories like squeakers, adjustable drip tip, push button remote control, built-in battery, replaceable plastic water tank cap, stainless steel mesh and other accessories. It comes with a five-year warranty. The Squonker for example has a push button remote control, allowing you to pre-set your preferred level of activity and speed of airflow. The mesh has been designed for maximum permeability for complete moisture removal and has been treated with a UV stabilizer to prevent fading. It’s also available in various colors.

The Wotofo Avanti MR. capacitors are pre-installed into the reservoir to offer superior performance. Wotofo Avanti MR. Capacitors are available in blue, black and red varieties. The pre-order updates of this product are offered in blue, black and red varieties only. These pre-orders are applicable on the first two models of the Avanti MR. series, namely MR.i and MR.p. It is one of the most popular water softener products in the market.

Wotofo Avanti MR. Capacitors are available in different configurations in which they can be adjusted to meet individual preferences. For instance, there is the MR.i model which features pre-installed pre-charged batteries for the convenience of consumers without the hassle of installing it or worrying about the correct voltage. It also comes with interchangeable drip tips for better and authentic flavor experience while vaping. Further, it has a built-in clock mechanism to remind you when to change out the battery and when the batteries are almost empty, so that you don’t overheat your coils by trying to charge them up to their required voltages.

Wotofo has incorporated several advanced technologies to provide optimum performance and utmost satisfaction to its users. Among these, Wotofo Avanti MP3 music player comes as a wonderful addition. With this unique feature, consumers can enjoy the pleasure of music without worrying about the low resistance of Ohm’s law. Wotofo has incorporated the Ohms law into its music player and even offers the ohms constant protection against damaging electrostatic charges.

Wotofo Avanti MR.I and Wotofo Avanti MR.P models come with an Avanti Thermo Pump, which is a necessary device for ensuring that the pre-heating coil has adequate power before it is actually used to warm up the wort. The pump also ensures that the temperature of the wort is maintained constant, irrespective of the changes in room temperature. The Wotofo NeXmesh series builds upon Wotofo’s technological innovation and development to further satisfy customers. The NeXmesh is equipped with a pre-installed programmable chip that enables the user to adjust the intensity of the pre-heating coil for perfect results.